Flooring Department

Pierson’s Flooring Department has all the latest, up-to-date flooring products. Our stock includes roll carpeting, vinyl, tile, runner and laminate, as well as a huge selection of area rugs in a variety of sizes and styles. For years, Pierson’s has been the “Paneling Capital of the West Coast,” and we still continue that tradition by having over 20 in-stock panels. We will also special order many items on a regular basis, so if you’re looking for a particular flooring product, just ask!

Products available: 


Roll Carpeting
Roll Carpeting

Jan with Laminate Flooring.
Jan with Laminate Flooring.

Installed Luxury Vinyl Plank
Installed Luxury Vinyl Plank

Roll Carpeting
Roll Carpeting


Area Rugs


 Carpet 6' & 12'

Laminate Pad

Exterior Turf

Sheet Vinyl 6' & 12'

Carpet Rems

Transition Molding

Carpet Runner

Carpet Pad

Floor Care Products

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Ceiling Tiles

Construction Adhesive

Door Mats

Patching Compounds

Floor Adhesive

Non-Skid Products

Floor Molding

Metal Molding

 Floor Tiles



Cove Base

Panel Molding



Jan Reamer
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