The Pierson Building Center began in 1962 as a tiny retail builders’ supply, adjacent to Ernest Pierson’s home building business, here in Eureka.

There were just two employees and the whole store was housed in a 20x30 foot area that’s now part of Pierson’s Garden Shop. The stock was limited, but the atmosphere was friendly. Customers could count on getting good, sound building advice... and a free cup of coffee.

This helpful, comfortable attitude seemed to suit the people of Eureka well. The business grew and flourished as Mr. Pierson reinvested the profits in inventory and expansion. The home building business was gradually phased out, and more space was devoted to the store.

And, as Mr. Pierson watched his building center grow, he never lost sight of his original commitment to providing his customers with the things they needed most — quality materials and useful information.

By 1971, when its new building increased the size of the store to 40,000 square feet, the Pierson Building Center had become one of the largest home improvement centers in Northern California. Suppliers were eager to have their products displayed amongst its giant inventory, and the company’s buying power had grown to the point that it was possible to keep prices competitively low.

Still, despite its size, Pierson’s maintained its comfortable, friendly atmosphere: a big store with a small store feeling. In part it was due to the continuing emphasis on personal contact with customers. It was also because of the fact that all employees were chosen for their knowledge and ability to courteously apply that knowledge to the customers’ specific needs.

This attention to the customer and the flexibility as an independent business to cater to the changing tastes and requirements of the local community, have helped make the Pierson Building Center an important part of Humboldt County’s growth.

And, as Humboldt County has grown, so has Pierson’s. Today, the tiny 600-square-foot store of 1962 has become an 80,000 square foot emporium; the original staff of two has become a team of nearly 90 people, distinguished by their skills, knowledge and dedication to service.

As you browse through today’s Pierson’s, you’ll see the evidence of a nearly a half-century of growth... as well as signs of changes now in progress. But when all is said and done, the real reason for our success and continued growth during the past 44 years has been you, the customer. For this reason, we want to take this moment to express our gratitude and sincere thanks.

And don’t forget, the coffee’s still free!

Thank you.

Ernie Pierson at the home
he built for his family,
Eureka, 1941

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